Anigozanthos Regal Velvet™

Anigozanthos hybrid ‘Regal Velvet’

Regal Velvet is an attractive hybrid selection of landscape-hardy kangaroo paw. From a long-time breeder of kangaroo paw,  Regal Velvet is a medium-sized selection with improved vigor, disease tolerance, frost tolerance and a great display of “kangaroo paw” flowers.  Great for Western landscapes and also a strong performer in other markets as a potted plant. Regal Velvet, like our Gold Velvet, is aptly suited to general landscape applications because of its dense, full growth habit and clean foliage that requires less pruning to maintain a clean look.  The large red and green flowers are borne on branched inflorescences that sit relatively high above the foliage at approximately 4.5 to 5 ft tall.  Breeder: Keith Oliver.

  • Bold green and red “kangaroo paw” flowers
  • Dense, strapped-leaf foliage with a semi-dwarf stature
  • Improved resistance to the infamous “ink spot” disease


Plant Data Sheet