Callistemon Slim™

Callistemon viminalis ‘CV01’ Slim™ PP24,444

A great hedge form of dwarf bottlebrush tree with an upright, columnar growth habit. Use as a small specimen tree in patio gardens or other tight spaces or use Slim to create a flower-filled hedge or screen in Zones 8-11.  Slim produces tons of large red flower spikes in spring and early summer.   It’s semi-dwarf & upright habit, abundance of large bottlebrush flowers, and good winter performance in milder climates distinguish Slim from others.  Slim is a cross between ‘Captain Cook’ (the “original” dwarf C. viminalis) and an unnamed breeding line from Nuflora International Pty Ltd.   Breeder: Graham Brown, as part of a breeding program sponsored by the University of Sydney Plant Breeding Institute and Nuflora.

  • Columnar habit and loads of flowers
  • Responds well to pruning
  • Great for creating screens or hedges


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