Westringia Grey Box™

Westringia fruticosa ‘WES04’ Grey Box™ PP25,675

A true dwarf coastal rosemary selection that has a natural “box” shape and beautiful grey-green foliage which makes this Westringia far different than any other we have seen.  Perfect for a hedge or group planting in pocket gardens and home gardens, yet tough enough for commercial applications as well!  Grey Box seems to work well in both arid and humid Zones 9-11 climates.  Westringia are best suited to Mediterranean climates and Grey Box’s tolerance of wind, sea spray and wet soils makes it a good candidate for bioswale plantings as well.

  • A cool new dwarf “box” form of Westringia
  • Great greyed-green rosemary foliage
  • Drought & salt tolerant


Plant Data Sheet