Lomandra Nyalla™

Lomandra longifolia ‘LM400’ Nyalla™ PP15,583

A fine blade, compact Lomandra with blue-green foliage, Nyalla is a selection from the same breeding program as our popular L. longifolia Breeze™. Like Breeze, Nyalla has the look and feel of an ornamental grass, but is far tougher: extremely drought tolerant and evergreen even when temps occasionally dip into the teens. A great choice for home landscapes, streetscapes, commercial projects and anywhere a low maintenance grass is needed. Nyalla will ultimately reach a height and spread of about 3.5-4ft with an arched to weeping habit.


  • Fine-Bladed Foliage a Semi-dwarf Size
  • Beautiful Blue-Green Foliage
  • Resembles a “trunkless” Australian Grass Tree!


Plant Data Sheet