Callistemon MacArthur™

Callistemon viminalis ‘LC01’ MacArthur™ PP25,011

MacArthur is the result of a controlled cross between two of the most successful Australian bottlebrush varieties of all time: Callistemon ‘Captain Cook’ and C. ‘Little John’.  To be specific, it is a cross between a ‘Captain Cook’ breeding line and a ‘Little John’ breeding line and was selected for its semi-dwarf size, vigorous growth and great flower habit. Simply put, it inherited the flower and vigor from ‘Captain Cook’ and a smaller stature from ‘Little John’, making it easy to grow yet well-behaved in the landscape. Breeder: Graham Brown, as part of a breeding program sponsored by the University of Sydney Plant Breeding Institute and Nuflora.


  • Semi-dwarf size but a vigorous grower
  • Responds well to pruning
  • Loads of vivid red flowers!


Plant Data Sheet