Callistemon Green John™

Callistemon viminalis ‘LJ23’ Green John™ PP27,547

Callistemon Green John is an improved seedling selection of C. ‘Little John’.  This dwarf bottlebrush shrub exhibits improved vigor, a more compact and denser habit than that of ‘Little John’, and has emerald green foliage as opposed to the gray-green or blue-green foliage of ‘Little John’.   New growth is a light green, in contrast to the older dark green mature foliage. Breeder: Todd Layt, Ozbreed Pty. Ltd. Part of our Tuffy Plant Collection™.

  • Dwarf size, vigorous growth, green foliage
  • Great for mass plantings, hedges and foundation plantings
  • Same great bottlebrush flowers!


Plant Data Sheet