Agapanthus Queen Mum™

Agapanthus orientalis ‘PMN06’ Queen Mum™ PP24,651

A very large lily-of-the-nile selection that features a clumping habit, relatively large plant size, broad, strappy leaves and extra large mophead inflorescences that are loaded with white and violet blue, bicolored florets in summer.  It is these uniquely colored florets that make this plant special: deep violet inner corolla and white outer corolla.  The variety exhibits good disease tolerance, it is tolerant of light frosts, high humidity as well as high heat… characteristics that make Queen Mum ideal for beds, borders, pots, and boxes.


  • Large “mop head” flowers with loads of bi-colored violet & white florets
  • Low maintenance… wide environmental tolerances
  • Deer resistant


Plant Data Sheet