Lomandra BREEZE™

A fine blade and compact habit have made this the most widely used Lomandra selection in the world. This plant has the look and feel of an ornamental grass, with bright, pine-green foliage, but is far more drought tolerant and evergreen even in areas where temperatures occasionally reach the teens. Breeze will ultimately reach a height and spread of about 30 to 36 inches with an arched to weeping habit. Part of our Tuffy Plant Collection™.

  • The Original Dwarf Lomandra!!
  • Compact and Fine-Bladed
  • Super Drought Tolerant and Loves Shade

Life Cycle: Perennial

Hardiness Zones: 7b to 11; Evergreen in Zone 8
H x W (approx): Breeze can ultimately reach 3ft by 3ft after many years
Spacing: 2 to 2.5 ft for best LONG TERM results
Bloom Time: late spring
Flower Color: yellow-orange
Foliage Color: “pine” green in full sun; deep green in shade
Habit: tufting (i.e. doesn’t “spread) with arching to weeping foliage
Containers?: Yes! Large planters
Light Requirement: Sun to Heavy Shade
Water Requirement: Very Low Water Needs!
Maintenance Category: Very Low Maintenance
Uses: Mass Planting, Commercial & Home Gardens, Containers

Maintenance Notes:


Extremely drought tolerant
Very Shade Tolerant
Heat Tolerant
Deer Resistant





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