Brindabella Plant Sample Signup

Brindabella Plant Sample Signup

We’re at it again with our FREE Plant giveaway! 

Every year we reach out to landscape professionals across the country, extending an invitation to receive a few samples of our latest plant introductions.

As always, there is no charge and absolutely no obligation for receiving these plants.  It’s just our way of responsibly promoting our new plants and, at the same time, get trial feedback from a wide array of climates (if you are so kind as to provide feedback if we ask…although not required).

This fall’s giveaway will include two of our top Brindabella varieties (depending on availability), with 3 samples of each variety in a large “plug” configuration. Producers typically offer Brindabella varieties in a 2 or 3-gallon pot but, for the purpose of our sample program, we ship in this smaller size.  These plugs can either be planted directly into the ground or potted up into containers.  Samples will be ready to ship in mid to late October and a representative will be in touch to personally confirm the shipment.

Complete this form to take advantage of our landscape design professional sampler promos. If you are a landscape architect or designer (we make ask you to validate your eligibility) then sign up to take advantage of this completely free, no-strings-attached offer!

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